середа, 11 вересня 2013 р.

Homeless Friend

[ I have received some fixes and I would like to keep this post as a draft to keep it fresh in my mind until I remember each one perfectly :) ]

I am going to tell you about a man I have accidentally met in the city center.

He came from Russia and lived on the streets. He was a homeless. He read poems for people in on the* streets and then asked them for money. Also he was a musician. He played guitar, piano and other instruments. He was very talented. But he was drunk (suggestion: tipsy) all the time. He was about 24 years old/of age but he looked like 50. He was unshaven. His clothes were dirty. He looked terrible.

One day I came to the central street (suggestion: avenue). My girlfriend left me a few days ago. I was completely destroyed. He saw me and said "Hey man! Why are you so sad?" I answered "My girlfriend left me." He said "Look at me! I have got nothing and I am not sad..." Since that time he has become my friend.

He taught me how to never fall into despair. Besides, thanks to him I understood that appearance doesn’t matter.

*in the street(s)посеред дороги/доріг

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